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Our business needs a diverse mix of voices - so we have better discussions, make better decisions, and deliver more for our clients and our people. But inclusion and diversity doesn’t just happen - it requires commitment and work. Our first annual inclusion, diversity, equity accountability report is part of that work.

The I.D.E.A. report, that was shared with our MiQ team in April, examines the current state of inclusion, diversity, and equity in our business, assesses the success of our initiatives to date, and looks at the actions we’ll be taking in the coming year to further live our promise as a business that puts inclusion and diversity at its heart.

In this report you’ll find out:

  • How we’re progressing towards overall gender parity
  • Why we’re focusing on getting more historically marginalized people into management roles
  • How BIPOC representation has evolved over time
  • How we’re tackling the pay equity issues we’ve discovered in the course of this report 

We know that inclusion and diversity isn’t just an issue for our business - it’s an issue for our whole industry and society. If you have any feedback on the report or would like to know more about the data, please get in touch for more information.