The top trends driving pharma marketing in 2023

Few marketers face as many challenges as those working in pharma–strict regulations, niche audiences, and siloed data. Combine that with third-party cookie concerns, an increasing interest in CTV, and the need to align DTC and HCP strategies, and you can see why pharma marketers are eager for help. 

In our new report, we explore the top 3 challenges pharma marketers will face in 2023, and how our data and partner agnostic approach can reveal the opportunity hidden within. 

Included in the report: 

  • Why cookies are a concern for pharma marketers, and how to get your media future-proofed

  • How to increase prescriptions by targeting the patient and the HCP through an aligned, omnichannel strategy

  • What opportunities programmatic CTV can unlock for pharma brands


We are MiQ

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